People typically talk about getting some type of temperature control consisted of with their reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system. Exactly what are the different forms of air conditioning Midrand temperature level control and how do they work? We will look at the typical types of air conditioning temperature level control systems and how they work below.

Standard Air Conditioning Controller

The standard controller that features your reverse cycle a/c system includes a thermostat that checks out the a/c temperature level. Normally this temperature is read either from the controller itself or more commonly inside the return air box of the system that sits inside the roofing system space. You can get these from Malles Electrical

It is sometimes not an accurate representation of the temperature level in the space if the temperature is checked out inside the return air box. The space itself may be rather cold however by the time the air is recirculated to the return air box it might have heated up substantially which implies the air conditioning system will keep running (e.g. the controller in the living room is set to 22 degrees once the air reaches the return air box it has actually heated up back up to 30 degrees, which in turn causes the air conditioning system to keep running).

In this scenario, the system will keep running despite the fact that individuals are becoming cold. There are however 2 alternatives to combat this. Firstly, increasing the temperature level of the controls will trigger the unit to cycle off quicker. It needs to be remembered that the temperature level set on the controller is usually not accurate, rather it works as a scale (i.e. if you set to 22 degrees, it does not necessarily indicate the room will cool to 22 degrees).

Some individuals put a ducted fixed constant in their hallway near the return air grille. This consistent as it name suggests is constantly on. This allows the conditioned air to return easily back up to the return air box of the unit, which assists the unit cycle off. In this instance if you were running simply your bedrooms that were all a long way from the return air, the air from the rooms would heat up too much before getting back to the return air. The repaired constant however would bleed air straight back into the grille which will make the unit cycle off and eventually conserve you cash in running costs.

Standard Cooling Repair work and Setup